May. 10th, 2017 06:47 am
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I've been going to Talking Therapies Stress Centrol course, it's generally been good at reminding me about techniques of dealing with depression and and stress. However I'm actually find it frustrating because it's not actually helping me with problem, which is how to accept and really deal with my current situation. It's frustrating and it came to ahead last night from myself and a couple of others, it's all well and good to challenge your worries and stress and use problem solving to reduce your worry and stress but what if you can't actually do anything about? They were like don't worry/get stressed/depressed about things you can do nothing about. This is me is don't coping and dealing with the issue, that's burying your head in the sand. They're advise is useful in the example haven't go a job, focus on the problem, write a cv, apply for jobs, go to interviews, do your best and hopefully get job.
The same can not be said for example my wife had cancer and doesn't know how long she's got or we cannot have our own children. Sure we can try and reduce stress but it doesn't change the fact there's nothing we can do and that's depressing and stressful.
A lady last night she's she's having to deal with a dying elderly relative, she's finding it's depressing and stressful. That is a fact, nothing can change that. They were asking us to question the cause of stress and worry is it really that bad? What's the worst that could happen? Is it real or imagined? You'll probably find it's not as bad as you think your mind is making things worst. I said OK that doesn't always work, is it serious? YES! It is real? YES! Can you problem solve the issue? NO! So what do you do then? They didn't seem to have an answer, so I asked how to deal with accepting that I can't change things and coming to term with it.
There's one week left but it hasn't really helped.


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