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Well, me and the department of work and pensions seem to becoming best friends if I'm not calling about myself, I'm calling about my wife. I have applied for ESA and carers allowance, my wife is still waiting to get an appointment for her PIP, I have also applied to have a reduction in our council tax. It's getting a little worrying as there's only so much money we have in savings so I hope we get some help soon. We have an appointment with Citzens advice next week to see if there's anything else we can get. A lot of the problem is uncertainty, no one knows enough and it's still unknown how long my wife has and if she'll get better or worst. I'm going on the what I know at the moment that she's not able to do what she used to and that she needs to to be supervised, so she can do things but needs someone there. I'm a little worried about these benefits if they end up saying no, we might have a real problem.
The doctor has signed me off until July so we'll see what happens, I might just have to get a part time job, I don't know if I'm being over protective or just accepting reality, I know it's not through lack of trying to look for work and be there for her.
I tried to get a job working 3 hours a day as a cleaner and I didn't hear anything, such is the way with jobs today.
I finished my stress control course and, although it was useful as a refresher course it didn't actually offer me any real help, so I have requested 1:1 sessions which to be honest I wanted in the first place. I trying to be deal with real emotional distress, actual problems and depression of both my own and my wife. As I said to them the other day, my wife starts of argument and says it'll be better for everyone if she was dead and she's going to die anyway. I have to spin that around keep her positive and pushing forward, as well as pick myself up, recover from the argument and try and stay positive myself. It hard with uncertainty so I said I need help with acceptance and trying to find new ways to cope and deal with everything.


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