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My wife wanted to do a car boot sale this morning, so we got up at 5.45am and were there by 6.30am the day actually went ok, didn't make much money but got rid of a few things. At the end though my wife was tired and didn't really help. I think I was just distracted and I can't even remember but the car boot ended up being open or popping open and we lost a camping chair. I don't know where it fell up. I don't know if I actually shut it or not, I found it really disturbing mainly due as I can't remember and my head is all over the place. Maybe I'm just tired but my wife and I have a busy couple of weeks ahead which assessments with ESA, social services and PIP as well as going into London. Needless to say I couldn do without it all.
A friend texted and said "Don't be hard on yourself, you're both going through shit times! But perhaps you two should stop pushing yourselves hard to do stuff and take time to rest and recoup? X"
To be honest ATM I'd rather just die, I think I'm just very tired and don't want to deal with any of it anymore.
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