Apr. 17th, 2017

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I wish there was more I could do. My wife is really suffering at the moment from the side effects of her radiotherapy. Think of the worst sunburn you've ever had and like triple it, her skin is splitting and cracking, weeping. She's been given gels and creams but she's still losing the top layers of skin. She can't wear a bra and is in so much pain she's on morphine and even then that's not enough to kill the pain.
Thankfully she only has 2 treatments left but we've been told that the side effects will be at their strongest 2 weeks after.
We've managed to fill out all her claim forms and her PIP form. I got a bit cross because it was very kind of a friend to help us fill it out but she added some things which just weren't true for example she said that my wife needs a wheelchair and is inconvenient which just isn't true. It's is true that she's unable to dress, bathe, cook meals and walk unaided but a wheelchair was pushing it a little too far. She said she would word it to help us show how serious her case was and that she should be able to get the maximum benefit.
It was brought up in conversation with some of her family and we were told we were silly and we should have kept that in. To me that's completely dishonest, we said we couldn't do it besides saying that could cause more problems as far as trying to adopt or going back to work, losing driving license. I mean it's different if she was older but she might get better she might not but we don't want to live our lives watching our backs. Things are hard enough and we are after genuine help rather trying to get the most we can get from the benefits system.

We are trying so hard emotionally to deal with everything but it's so hard, I don't know what to do about anything - don't know if my wife can really be left alone, if I can really get a job again, if she can go back to work, if we'll get any help.
My wife is fed up and I feel the same, it's very lonely. Lots of people say they'll be there but no one really is, not when you need them.


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