Apr. 24th, 2017

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I am trying, trying so hard to improve myself both mentally and physically. I keep thinking you need to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else. So I started running each morning, it was just a thought I had one morning. My wife generally sleeps until 9am and I was sat downstairs having woken about 7am thinking I should do something, so I turned off the morning news and loaded 5k runner app on my iPod and went, I've been doing it after since. It's good especially at the moment and I'm not working, it's getting my fitter and it'll be good for me mentally too. Plus as the workouts are only like 30 minutes long, I'm out and back again normally before she wakes up.
My wife says she's very proud of me and jealous as she wishes she could join me but she's not well enough. I keep reminding her that she's ill and it's not her fault. Someone who's ill is ill, it's good she's starting to feel better but she has to accept her limitations and reckonize that she can't do what she used to not for the moment at least. It's like my in laws keep asking about doing car boot sales and I'm like no, wait until you're completely healed if you have any problems there's nowhere for you to go, it's not the stuff needs to be sold and there's a deadline. I said only yesterday put your health first. She has been accepted for a blue badge and is using her walking stick more which is good too.
I have a stress control group tomorrow evening via TalkIng therapies which I think will be a waste of time as it's not the kinda help I was looking for as it's not counselling or taking, it's just what to do to manage stress better. Anyway might be surprised, we'll see.


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