May. 25th, 2017

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There's so much uncertainty ATM, i spoke today with citizens advice bureau and they said I'm claiming and doing everything I can. My wife's had her pip accesment date come through so hopefully that will go well. I'm having to do so much paperwork and fill in some many forms it's so stressful and exhausting. I did go for a interview for the local council today, I think it went well I was in there almost 3 hours, I'm not sure if I'll gamer the role as it's more about writing and less creative work still it's still go to be invited and you never know I might get it.
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Everything seems to be getting to me ATM and there doesn't seem to be any escape. Everything is just so frustrating and I feel stick in limbo, wish I could do something but I know I'm doing everything I can, going to the gym, going for runs, sorting benefits, cooking, cleaning, applying for suitable jobs. Many people just don't understand that or when they find out don't want to know.


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