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'Am I too lost to be saved?'

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Birthdate:Sep 27
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Here's a little me and my personality, I'm a warm friendly person who is honest, caring, intelligent, confident and easy going. I get on easily with most people and I always like making new friends.

I am faithful and committed person, always doing my best to listen, understand and respect others needs and feelings. I don't like to judge, I try to be polite and honest in my views.
One of my dislikes is close-mindedness, I believe that people should try and see things as openly as possible and be accepting of others.

Here are a couple of my art sites:

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acting silly, akira, alternative music, america, angel, anime, art, batman, battlestar galactica, bed, berkshire, bizarre, blackadder, bowling, bracknell, breathing, buffy, cartoons, cds, chat, chatting, chinese food, chocolate, cinema, comedy, computers, concerts, conspiracy theories, crafts, creativty, cycling, darkness, design, digital art, digital photography, dirty jokes, dogma, dragons, drawing, drinking, dvds, eating out, england, enterpise, entertainment, excitment, exploring, family, fantasy, fantasy art, fight club, fine art, food, friends, from hell, fun, gadgets, galleries, games, gizmos, gossip, graphic novels, happiness, heavy metal, hellraiser, helping, helping people, honesty, horror, individuality, internet, jack black, jay and silent bob, kevin smith, kinky stuff, laughing, learning, listening, livejournal, living, lord of the rings, love, lust, manga, media, meeting new people, meeting people, messing about, monty python, moulin rouge, movie news, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, music, mustangs, news, nine inch nails, old and new friends, open minded, painting, paranormal, people, photography, photoshop, pictures, pizza, playstation 2, pool, porn, pubs, rock, rocky horror picture show, schnoodle, secrets, self discovery, self-exploration, sex, sleeping, snooker, spiderman, star trek, star wars, strange, supportive, swimming, take aways, talking, tatoos, tenacious d, the crow, the internet, the matrix, the simpsons, thinking, toys, traveling, tv, uk, vampires, video games, wacky, walking, web, webcams, websites, wierd stuff, women, x-men, xbox
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