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I almost fell for a scam yesterday, I feel a bit stupid because normally I don't think I would be fooled but I've got a bit of a cold ATM and what with everything going on my head isn't with it. Anyway I got a text from the "DVLA" saying I'd be overcharged and I was entitled to £48.48 refund and to click here. Took me to a website and I started filling out my details as I was doing this I thought it didn't seem right, it wanted card details, driving license, N.I. Number. I don't thought why would they need my N.I. Number??? Or driving license??? So I shut it down. It scared me so I went to DVLA website and saw it said it was a scam, I called Action Fraud and they said I was ok, that I hadn't clicked send and none of the details would have been saved but I was very lucky. I felt like an idiot, it showed my head was with it. I was told to call Apple to check that my phone should be OK, they said it would be fine. I finally called the bank and said there shouldn't be a problem but should my account start emptying then it wasn't me and it was a heads up.

Still feel stupid but I did all the right things do should be ok.


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